Turmeric Non-Cheesecake

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

This delicious recipe was given to me by Gloria Giorgia Gaspari, a Holistic Nutritionist CNP, a Yoga Instructor, a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, and a Plant-Based Chef. Gloria is also a solo worldwide traveller and photographer whose main purpose is to help people to discover their inner self, live a happy and healthy life, and be the best version of their self through yoga, meditation, holistic lifestyle, and nutrition.

3 words that describe her are POSITIVE, PASSIONATE & GENEROUS.


This guilt-free healthy treat is made with natural, fresh, organic ingredients, perfect for those who are following a vegan diet or have lots of food allergies and sensitivities (besides nuts) this is dairy, refined sugar and gluten-free. Every single ingredient has amazing benefits and is rich in nutrients, for example, maple syrup is loaded with zinc and is recommended for men's health and a strong immune system, cashews are rich in copper and iron. Cashews will also help your hair to stay healthy! Last but not least the king of ingredients... dum dum dummmmmm... TUMERIC!! Turmeric has been used for a long time in ayurvedic medicine as a potent anti-inflammatory as well as having many other benefits.


680g cashews

180g melted coconut

220g lemon juice

1 tablespoon turmeric powder

230 maple syrup or anything sweet that is not refined sugar

Blend into blender


240g dates

185g almond

A little bit of water like 5g

**You will need a food processor


1. Place all the ingredients for the base in the food processer and mix but not for too long you want the base kinda crunchy. Then press the base down into a springform cake tin (one that opens).

2. Put this in the fridge while preparing the filling.

3. Place all the ingredients for the filling into the food processer and mix until it is nice and smooth.

4. Get the base from the cooler and drop the filling on top.

5. Decorate as you like maybe some flowers, seeds or dry coconut. Place back in the fridge for a few hours.

6. Once set open up cake tin and ENJOY! Try not to eat it all at once!

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